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Applying for the Agile Business Awards is a great way for your organisation to be recognised for innovation and achievement relating to agile ways of working.


This is a chance to showcase the behaviours and processes that are improving your organisation’s agility – AND get written feedback from our independent reviewers. Don't miss this opportunity – think how valuable that feedback could be for the next steps on your agile journey!

Excellence doesn’t mean you need to have ‘finished’ agile – after all, that goes against the whole concept!

Rather, we are offering you the chance to gather evidence of what you’ve achieved and get written feedback from our expert reviewers – that’s right, reviewers, not judges.

Because this isn’t a competition, it’s an opportunity to congratulate one another on how far we’ve come.

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Apply for the Agile Business Awards by December 8th!

Get your organisation recognised for what you’ve achieved on your agile journey so far. Our awards are designed to reward examples of excellence in:

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