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AgilePM® Practitioner


AgilePM® Practitioner

Agile Business Consortium

The Agile Project Management Practitioner course provides detailed guidance that will allow you to become an agile project leader with an in-depth knowledge of agile principles.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Setting up an agile project.

  • Configuring the agile project lifecycle and its artefacts for a given scenario.

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities.

  • Organising and using Facilitated Workshops.

  • Prioritising and managing requirements for incremental service delivery.

  • Estimating.

  • Timeboxing techniques.

  • Identifying and managing risks.

  • Developing and delivering iteratively.

  • Measuring and reporting progress.

  • Managing stakeholders.

The training is ideal for the following people:

  • Practicing project managers

  • Team members who are looking to become agile project managers

  • Individuals who have completed the AgilePM Foundation certificate.

How do I do the exam?


Delegates must have one of the following:

AgilePM Foundation certificate

DSDM Atern Foundation certificate

DSDM Advanced Practitioner/DSDM Agile Professional certificate.


Delegates are invited to take an online exam at the end of the course:

  • Complex multiple choice

  • Four questions per paper, with a maximum of 20 marks per question

  • 40 marks are required to pass (out of 80)

  • 2.5-hour duration

  • Open-book (Agile Project Management Handbook only).

How much it costs?

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