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Agnostic Agile

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United Kingdom


Agnostic Agile is a global community movement for the betterment of Agile practitioners all over the world. We have a growing community of thousands of members, and are now run as a professional body with board members covering world continents.


Agile has become commoditised to the extent that the spirit of what the Agile Manifesto stands for is withering away. Peddling expensive frameworks, methods and other ways of working is the order of business for the Agile Industrial Complex, a Complex that has its interests not in agility, but in its own proliferation, despite whether or not its recipients benefit.

The one size fits all approach is a frustrating antithesis to what it means to be agile and strive for agility, and yet it is promoted and popularised to the detriment of not only the recipient, but of the agile movement as a whole.

This is the milieu in which Agnostic Agile was born, serving as a reminder of what it means to operate under the service of agility, banding together as a global community to work for the greater good, and to fight the good fight!

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