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The organiser PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) of the event, MindCrafting Ltd. (VAT number: EE101872001), sends customers an invoice according to the information given on the order form. By accepting these terms, the customer agrees to purchase the ticket(s) of their choice at the agreed-upon price, as stated in the contract. In addition, the organiser has the right to cancel the event without any reason at the latest 2 weeks before the first day of the event. In this case, the money paid will be returned. The organiser also reserves the right to cancel purchases done by an organisation or individual without any reason. In this case, the money paid will be returned.


When an organisation purchases the ‘We Care’ organisation packet, the person who ordered the packet is responsible for sharing the terms and conditions of the Business Agility Europe online events and the privacy policy with all persons who will be using the tickets under the organisation.


Use of the ticket

  • Each ticket can only be used by one person (ticket user). Tickets cannot be shared between two or more persons.

  • The person who has been designated as the ticket user has legal rights to attend the event and access all materials provided afterwards, such as the recording, etc. 

  • Ticket users do not have the right to give access to any other persons.

  • The ticket user does not have the right to download or distribute any event materials (such as recordings, presentation materials, etc.) on any other channels or networks without the permission of the event organiser.


Cancellation Policy


Purchased individual tickets and the ‘We Care’ company packet cannot be cancelled or refunded. If the owner of an individual ticket cannot use the ticket, the best option is to transfer the ownership of the ticket to another person. When transferring single ticket ownership to a new person, please contact the event organiser no later than one (1) week before the first day of the event.





For Estonian corporate customers, 20% VAT is added.

For Estonian individual customers, 20% VAT is added.


EU Member States (other than Estonia)

For VAT registered organisations from EU Member States, 0% VAT is added.

For organisations and/or individual customers from another EU Member State who have no valid VAT number, 20% VAT will be added.


NON-EU customers

For non-EU organisations, 0% VAT is added.

For non-EU individual customers, 20% VAT is added.

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