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Why We Care packet?

  • Do we still think that one person participation can make difference internally?

  • With the We Care packet, you can send 5,10, 20, 50, or even 200 participants from your organisation and it will be an easy investment decision without any sweat or tears.

  • Some people can participate to the full event and some participate only one day based on the daily theme.

  • All registered people will have access to the event recordings after the event.

  • Get rid of misperceptions and misbeliefs. Scale the knowledge and update the understanding.

  • We Care package enables the organisation to care about all the experts and competence development!

Do not think:

  • That all your ticket users should stay the whole time in this event! All participants will have access to the recordings after the event.

  • That this event it somehow IT heavy

  • That in this event we promote tools or frameworks.




1–20 participant tickets per organisation.

Business unit

21–50 participant tickets per organisation.


50–200 participant tickets per organisation.

Ticket sale opens 2023

How to get the most out of your We Care packet?

Key individuals

Who are the key individuals who should at least know, understand, and be aware of the current trends and the core of business agility. Should participate to the whole event.

Theme focused participants.

Think event daily wise. Who should or are interested participate themes like:

  • Culture Hacking (HR people?)

  • Agile Strategy (Directors?)

  • etc.

Next think who might be interested or should be more aware of business agility practices.

  • Share the rest of the tickets to people who can maybe see only one presentation during the event, but will have rights to see event recordings after the event.

  • All ticket users can participate in the event afterwards via event recordings.

Daily themes:

14 June 2022

Agile Strategy

15 June 2022

Culture Hacking

16 June 2022

Organisational transformation

17 June 2022

Successful steps
  • It is recommended to give the tickets fairly to everyone who is interested in the topic, regardless of whether the people can participate on all four days or in only one or two live sessions. Note that all ticket owners can see rest of the presentations via recordings after the event.

  • We at Business Agility Europe care about learning and knowledge sharing and so should your organisation.

Interested about having We Care packet?

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