Co-Founder of Triari, creator of the Lean Digitalisation Framework

Organisation: Triari Oy  Country: Finland


I have been working with digitisation and Lean and Agile for about twenty years. For the last 10 years, my focus has been on service organisations. I am the chief author of the LEAD framework (Lean Digitalisation), which is a model of business agility for service organisations. I am passionate about learning and experimentation. I also like to share my learning in conferences, articles, and by having interesting discussions over coffee.

My strengths are:

• the ability to analyse situations and understand what is essential

• innovative ideas and the courage to approach situations from a different perspective

• the ability to coach, facilitate, and lead change in organisations

I have a pragmatic perspective on things – I enjoy discovering things that work in the real world and like to challenge dogmatic viewpoints about everything, including Agile. I have experience in both the private and public sector.

My areas of focus and interest: Agile strategy and portfolio management, service design, Agile architecture, Lean processes, continuous improvement (Toyota Kata), creative problem solving (TRIZ), management and leadership practices, scaling Agile, transformation and change.


Senior Lean & Agile Enterprise Coach

Organisation: Flow Behave
Country: Sweden


I am a Lean and Agile Enterprise coach, international speaker, and author with over 15 years of experience. I coach, mentor, and teach lean and agile methods to organisations, leaders, and teams. I have a passion for helping organisations develop their ability to continuously learn and improve. My focus is Lean and Agile Management coaching.

Specialties: Lean, Agile, Kanban, Toyota Kata, Continuous Improvement, Visual Management, Continuous Delivery, Scrum, XP, Systems Architecture

I also have a long and deep background as a systems architect and systems developer.


Agile Trainer & Coach

Organisation: Lekman Consulting
Country: Finland


Working as an Agile Trainer & Coach, my mission is to help organisations succeed with products, processes, and people. Freelancing since 2010, I have trained and coached more than 100 organisations in 10 countries, from small start-ups to governmental agencies and listed international giants.

I value true agile leadership and self-managing professional teams, so that team members are highly engaged, and have everything it takes to satisfy the customer (through timely and continuous delivery of valuable products and services). Unnecessary complexity and pseudo-agility make me uncomfortable.

During my free time, I work as the translation team lead for the Finnish Scrum Guide. I also enjoy video games, kitesurfing, and playing shakuhachi. I look forward to meeting you at Business Agility Europe 2021!


LEAN – focused Coach

Organisation: CoEdu Ltd.
Country: Slovakia


Cultural transformation, LEAN manufacturing and Coaching are topics I deal with daily.

My primary field of expertise is to design systems to drive cultural change towards a culture of continuous improvement. Secondly, as LEAN Coach, I support people along the transformation journey to apply LEAN principles into processes by coaching.

I have 11 years of experience in designing and improving processes. My process improvement journey started at Slovak Nuclear power plants. Continued in Consulting with a focus on LEAN 6 Sixma and Project Management. After a one-year break to improve administrative processes in a Bank, I end up at assembly lines with my current role as Production System Coach in Vaillant Group.

My interests vary from LEAN, Value Stream Mapping, Business Process Modeling, System Thinking to Solution-Focused Coaching and writing.


Chief Agility Officer

Organisation: Agile Business Consortium

Country: The Netherlands


Cooperating and collaborating with organisations in the business agility ecosystem to help them to become more successful. Enabling purposeful transition towards sustainable, value delivering, professional organisations.

In our transformation process, I am holding the business visionary role.


VP of Business Development


Country: Portugal


Carlos is passionate about the Agile and Lean way of working, from product design to implementation with a mindset seeking to learn more as a professional and a human being, leaving his impact in the world.  With 25+ years of experience in TIC and digitalization covering multiple roles (b-e. Business Development; Pre Sales; Key Account Manager (KAM); Business Unit Manager; Agile Coach; Product Owner; Scrum Master) is now focused in Business Agility, Business Development, and Innovation.



LeSS Scaling Agile; CSM; CSPO; IPMA Agile Leadership; FCP (Flow Certfified Professional).


Chair & Agile Transformation Consultant / Coach

Organisation: Agile Consortium
Country: The Netherlands


Jeroen is chair of the Agile Consortium. He also organizes different agile events and is a valued speaker on the subject. Jeroen is author of the books: "Agile FOCUS in governance" and "Agile - a pocket guide for responsive organizations", created the DSDM suitcase, is co-creator of the DSDM game and the Agile Leadership game and writer of different articles.

Jeroen has made it his mission to bring Agile to the organization level. He has a lot of experience in taking it out of the ICT domain, making the connection with the business and the transformation of the staff departments like HR, Finance and Risk. He is a Certified ScrumMaster, Product Owner, DSDM practitioner, PRINCE2 Practitioner, Agile Practitioner, Agile Master, Lean Green Belt, certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC), certified LeSS practitioner and examinator for the Agile Master Certificate.

Before starting EnterAgile, Jeroen worked 7 years for Xebia, 13 years for AtosOrigin and studied computer science at the University of Twente with a specialization towards business science. He's fluent in Dutch, English and German.


Team Coordinator 

Organisation: Business Agility Europe
Country: Estonia


For all of my working life, I have been active in the field of professional events, as well as sales and marketing. I have organised and led about 120–150 professional events in my life, ranging from a small event for 100 people to international events for more than 1,000 people. I have been involved in organising a wide variety of different thematic events: project management, agile, business development, HR, energy, etc.

I have always liked to organise events, mainly due to the networks and various experts and professionals connected to them. Events are a very good ‘tool’ for openly sharing best practices and lessons between organisations. I am confident that people and organisations will continue to share lessons and experiences to help each other move forward faster. 

I believe that the best learning always happens together and in networks. Of course, you can do a lot alone, but when I do things alone, it just gets boring.