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78% of participants wanted

to improve general knowledge around Business Agility practises


At this event, passion and reality will be combined into everyday success one step at a time.


At this event, you will hear and see different cases from different business areas. These cases will show the latest best practices and know-how in the area of business agility. All case presentations and key expert sessions have the same focus: how to make your organisation thrive better in a complex and uncertain environment.

Business Agility Europe is an annual online event. It is a unique place to benchmark and network with other business people with business agility and an agile business mindset.

The agile way of working has gained an increasingly more substantial role in all fields irrespective of tasks and duties. While traditional projects face challenges, agile business and business agility are expanding all the time.

The Business Agility Europe event strives to meet these challenges and presents the latest solutions, models, methods, and tools to facilitate everyday business more successfully.

Architectural Structure

To Whom / Participants

  • Corporate management of business operations

  • Executive Managers

  • Business Developers

  • Development Managers/Directors

  • Upper and middle management

  • Top/Senior Consults

  • HR

  • Agile Business Coaches

  • Lean Consults & Coaches

  • CIO & IT Directors and Managers

  • PMO Directors and Leaders

  • Portfolio Managers, Program Managers

  • Project Managers, Project Experts

  • Project Professionals


22% participants comes from executive or manager level


Source: Business Agility Europe 2021 event feedback.

Exterior of a Building


68 % of the participants comes from medium and large organisations.

Source: Business Agility Europe 2021 event feedback.


Architectural Structure

85 % said that event was

very useful or useful

Source: Business Agility Europe 2021 event feedback.


Understanding business agility and being knowledgeable about it is becoming more and more important for all organisations who wish to survive in both the short and long term.

Organisations who do not innovate or have the capability to implement and change all the time are in a very critical business path already now and more in the near future. Organisations who are relying on ‘proven’ thinking styles and methods of doing business and leadership find themselves falling behind the competition more and more often because they cannot adapt quickly enough to changes in the business environment.

In addition, one main area at this event is the HR perspective – how to ensure that the human capital in the organisation has the skills and abilities to respond quickly to new developments, infrastructure, and processes to mobilise this human capital into action as efficiently as possible?

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